Looks like www.start.com is a preview to www.live.com – which is currently in Beta. At least that’s my early interpretation of the news we released yesterday. I need to read some more faq’s before I can 100% confirm that. Anyway, I migrated my start.com page to live.com today.


I had quite a few RSS feeds added to my start.com page. Fortunately, start.com allows you to export your feeds to an OPML file (click on add feeds and gadgets, then advanced and then you see the link). This OPML file can then be imported in live.com (add content/advanced/import OPML file).


There are some differences in the way gadgets behave in both sites but the experience is largely the same. I definitely like the gadget that shows the emails in your Hotmail or Windows Live account although one can see that not all the potential of that one has been realized.


Now who is going to build me a gadget that just displays hyperlinks (no RSS feeds or anything like that, just plain hyperlinks)? J