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April, 2006

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    Boot Camp with Vista? I don't think so!


    Oops, where's the weekend? It's gone. What did I do? Try to get my MacBook Pro dual booting with Vista by using Apple Boot Camp. No way Jose! Here's what I've tried.

    Attempt 1:
    Installed bootcamp and then tried to make it dual boot with XP to start with. First problem is that the CD I burned from the ISO image I downloaded through my MSDN subscription wasn't liked by the machine. The fact that a MacBook Pro DVD player doesn't have a real eject button doesn't help! (BTW, rebooting while pressing down the mouse button ejects the CD/DVD always).

    Attempt 2:
    If my XP media is corrupted maybe I can just skip this and install Vista immediately? I took the latest build I have (<5320) but I couldn't get the installation started because nor keyboard nor mouse were recognized. USB keyboard and mouse didn't help either. 

    Attempt 3:
    Got an original Windows XP with SP2 cd and installed from this CD without errors.  Installed the Mac drivers, updated Windows and voila. It works like a charm.
    Now back to Vista I thought, I started the Vista installation from the running XP. Everything worked until the first reboot. Vista was obviously confused by the partitioning.
    I tried to change the partitioning. Put your Mac installation CD in the drive and boot holding the c key down. You enter the setup menu and can use the Disk Utility. However the repartitioning didn't go down well. It didn't show that 200MB partition I read about and I wanted to remove

    Attempt 4:
    I wanted to reinstall Windows XP. Somehow, I could get this done from the Boot Camp utility anymore which complained that I need to update my software which had already been done. There were no updates available.
    Right, reinstalled Tiger (man that takes long too!) updated the Mac OSX software, installed bittcamp.
    Started installing Windows XP, during the installation I removed that 200MB partition and continued  to install without issues. Now Vista (again). Started installing Vista from within XP and it did continue after the first reboot. Jippie! I thought :-(
    After a rebootit started with the nice black screen with the colored logo but immediately after bluescreened.

    Since I want to keep playing with Tiger, I'm not interested in the single boot Windows solution. So my verdict? It's a no go, yet.

    Gotto go, it's still sunny outside. First I need to find my family!

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    If you want a Windows PC, then don't buy a Mac...


    This is the situation. I got  a MacBooc Pro now for two weeks, I tried to Install Vista on it which failed. I settled for XP on the machine and I've been using it frequently now for the last week and a half.

    My verdict? Mac ain't built to run Windows. It's not the performance, that's great, it's not the Mac logo on the cover, that just makes you look cool and it's not even the fact that a MacBook Pro heats up to temperatures hotter than Paris Hilton which rule it out as a 'lap'top. It's the keyboard...

    The keyboard just ain't fit for Windows. I'm using a Swiss keyboard and imagine this: NO curly braces! A nightmare for a developer. Fortunately I'm still mostly VB. On the Mac, there is an option button, and a command button. No Delete button though! A lot of folks resort to a utility - keyboard remapper or something similar - from the Windows 2003 resource kit - I've been told and didn't check this. Also, the fact that the CD/DVD drive has no hole to push a pin in to force eject, drives me nuts.

    I must say that most drivers are found by using the Apple drivers for Windows CD. But it just doesn't lok cool to be using a Microsoft USB mouse on your designer Mac. And as a side note, I can't understand that designers would digg something called the mighty mouse.

    Conclusion...looks nice but that's it. I guess the title of this post could have been: Similarities between Windows on Mac and Paris Hilton.

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    Tech Ed: Developers bloggers


    Happy to see that many of the Tech Ed: Developers track owners are blogging. We are all excited about this opportunity to build a developer focussed event and we want to have a conversation with you about it. If you're interested, subscribe to these blogs:

    Beat Schwegler (architecture, connected systems)

    Chad Hower (base framework)

    David Boschmans (web development track)

    Gerd De Bruycker (overall owner event)

    Gunther Beersaerts (SQL Server)

    Mario Szpuszta (2007 Office System)

    Niels Hilmar Madsen (tools and languages)

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    Slightly dressed conversations


    So Robert Scoble decides halfway through his vacation to turn on comment moderation. Obviously his conversations will get less naked that way. I believe there's a good reason why people don't have Naked Conversations. Our skins aren't think enough and conversations always end when there's a lack of respect from one side.

    I guess some of the new marketeers are probably a bit optimistic when they expect that if you do it right, your friendly readers would take care of the of the negative bunch. Sometimes that seems to happen but quite often, those on a mission to disrupt generate so much noise the friendly crowd also suffers from it and isn't powerful enough anymore to make corrections.

    I think I'm learning two things here. One is that you need to keep some control. Some go quite far in this and others will let things loose. I think that commenting in a respectful manner is the minimum bar - this is for instance also the reason why I stopped reading slashdot already quite some time ago.  

    Second thing I learn is that blogging can be very effective but if you want to do it right, it's also an energy sucker. Just look at all those guys taking time off specifically from blogging. Scoble, mini microsoft, the rough type and I'm sure you know more...

    As a sidenote, when I read Nicolas Carr's blog statistics, I was surprised to see how tough it is to make some money from Google Ads. He's been blogging for a year, has currently +6000 views per day and earned 200$ from Google. Now let's assume that over the year he had an average of 2000 views per day then you could say that 730.000 views brought him 200$. There must be something crooked in my calculations or maybe now I really understand why he needs a vacation




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    Ask a ninja...


    It's a long weekend so if you're looking for some fun check this out: http://askaninja.com/

    I guess I'm a late adopter, they're already at question 18. I really like question 18:-)

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    Microsoft Partners of the World, speak up!


    Now I don't want to keep hammering this nail because I much rather focus on technology or sharing a bit of information about the unbearable lightness of being a technololgy evangelist, but I'm on holiday and my previous post trigered some comments which made me think a bit more on this topic.

    Fortunately I seem to have more Microsoft fans reading my site than MS foes. Most of the comments were favorable of Microsoft. One thing I like to read into this is that this trial isn't just about Microsoft it's about Microsoft and its partner system which we internally call the ecosystem (another keyword for your bullshit bingo; I recently added heatmap to my bingo list).

    There are tons of people making a living in the partner space around Microsoft software. I once heard a claim being made that, in EMEA, for every dollar that gets spend on Microsoft software, seven dollars get spend in the partner system (consultancy, ISV's, system integrators, hosters, resellers...). They build solutions that do interoperate with Microsoft and I can't help but wonder why our partners (many of whom we are in cooptition with) seem to able to integrate, interoperate with Windows platform why others apparently can't.

    I have a feeling that partners also feel this is about innovation. Can Microsoft continue to innovate? And now you don't here me saying that everything new that Microsoft introduces into it's software is invented by Microsoft. Sure, our product teams look around just like other developers look around and there's nothing wrong with that as long as some rules are being respected - like respecting intellectual property. I often like to think of cars and what would happen if some brands would for instance be blocked from putting ABS brakes or airbags in their cars.

    I would hope that Microsoft can continue to grow the platform, that we continue and maybe even put more efforts into interoperability and that way foster a vibrant ecosystem (bingo!).

    If you want to speak up on this, you can go to http://www.voicesforinnovation.org/. This is a community site supported by Microsoft to allow our partners to express their opinions on the policy support needed to be succesful with technology.

    PS: Opinions in this post are personal. I kind of assumed blogs are like diaries and always are more personal than corporate but I felt I had to explicitely say this after reading Nicholas Carr's post on corporate blogging

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