Only 3 more drivers to go for Vista on MacBook Pro

Only 3 more drivers to go for Vista on MacBook Pro

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This a great! A reader 'David' wrote a comment to my previous post on how to get even more devices working properly.

What I didn't know was how to unpack the drivers from the Mac Drivers for Windows XP CD. This is really easy. On a Windows XP Just open the command line utility (run, cmd) and execute the command:

“Install Macintosh Drivers for Windows XP.exe” /A /v

You can then choose an installation where the drivers will be unpacked. Executing this command won’t actually install the drivers which is great since you can then copy the files onto a thumbdrive and copy them to your Vista installation on your Mac.

In the folder you copied you find a Program Files and a System32 folder. From the System32 folder you can run the Brighthness.exe and the AppleCDEject.exe. Should work. I know I got the CD eject working now.

I got sound now tooJ this will make it nicer to watch that crazy stuff on YouTube.  Again I need to thank ‘David’ who wrote:

A couple weird things with sound...installing using the EXE seems to work better than letting windows do the auto install. Also there are some issues with headphone pass through so if you want to disable the internal speaker you need to set a reg key. here are instructions:

I also seem to have the ‘Apple Bluetooth Kicker Controller’ but I’m not sure why I would use that.

Anyways, the progress seems to be steady!


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  • “Install Macintosh Drivers for Windows XP.exe” /A /v

    This seems like a prank from Apple :-D
  • Bluetooth Kicker is just a taste of bluetooth...cuz bluetooth doesnt work with just that driver.

    I found on

    that if you run C:\WINDOWS\system32\hid2hci.exe 05ac 1000 and all of your bluetooth devices will just start working. It is 4 more bluetooth devices get added just by running this tool.

    I recently upgraded to a newer vista build (newer than beta 2) and i get get sound to work :[ I get an error message during the audio driver setup. arg!

    Here is the link for the tool:
  • Gabriel Lozano-Morán ...genius. Thats hilarious.
  • How exactly did you even get the bluetooth to appear like that? Did vista just one day decide it knew what one of the 2 "unkown" was bluetooth......if so mine hasn't done that et :)
  • Well, I'm developing a very interesting post on what not to do. If anyone is interested in why Hans' instruction should be followed to the letter, take a look at my site.

    Btw, thanks Hans for the walk-through. I got it working on one of my comps and then failed on the other and couldn't diagnose it.

    I'm still trying to figure out exactly what goes wrong and why. If anyone is interested you can see my more detailed explanations.
  • This doesn't work?
    I just get “Install Macintosh Drivers for Windows XP.exe” /A /v is not recognised as an internal or external command
  • Has anybody gotten Airport to work yet? I installed Vista on my stock (1.5 GHz) Mini and it works well except for the airport not working.
  • This is from one of my previous posts. Did you try this?

    1)      Network drivers:
    I’ve been told that the wired network card should work out of the box but the wireless network card doesn’t even if it shows in the Device Manager. In my case, what did you expect, none of them worked.
    I downloaded the Yukon Gigabit drivers for XP here: then updated the driver for my ethernet card (Or it could have been that I updated the driver for the so called wireless card with this driver too. There was something twisted.) with a version 853 or something like that. Sorry I can’t be more precise. Now the driver version for the card shows as Once the wired connection worked, I ran Windows Update and that detected and installed the driver for the wireles card. So now both are working.
  • “Install Macintosh Drivers for Windows XP.exe” /A /v
    That should just work if you open the command prompt and navigate to the cd drive...
  • In the bluetooth instructions I don't see the folder mentioned:

    "In C:\Install Macintosh Drivers for Windows XP, you will see two folders System32 and Program Files. Copy the files within System32 to C:\Windows\system32 and the files"

    Any suggestions?
  • Thanks for the replies, I got Airport to work. Now to get Areo Glass to work lol. I'm still looking for a driver (the lakeport driver) to get Areo to work.
  • Everytime I try to run “Install Macintosh Drivers for Windows XP.exe” /A /v it goes to the regular installer (instead of extracting the .exe file. Any help appreciated.
  • Robert: When you run with the /A /v swich it runs the installer, only this time it completes properly and doesnt roll back the msi
  • This has been really helpful, thanks!

    I can extract the Macintosh Drivers to a folder I call MacDrivers, but from there I'm stuck.  How do I actually install those drivers?  I tried right-clicking the .inf files and choosing "Install", but that either fails with an error "installation failed" or just does nothing.

    Really really missing bluetooth and WiFi right now, any help??

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