How flash developers work

How flash developers work

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This is funny. It comes from a flash designer/developer's blog. Imagine having to write a single line of code like that!

In his last posts, he also writes a good story about how he as a Flash designer sees Silverlight. Very interesting read.

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  • I don't get it. Is this supposed to be some dig on Flash as a development environment?

  • No, it isn't. It's just a very funny clip, I think. And that guy is a Flash developer/designer/ambassador who got 'distracted' during work. That's all. nothing more to read into it.

    It did make me think about the environments in which these developers work. I can imagine those environments are often more 'creative', artistic, than those of most .NET developers I know so maybe there are more of these 'crazy' situations Flash Developers find themselves in compared to the .NET developers.

    Maybe Silverlight will get us developers in these environments too.

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