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  • Blog Post: The Cloud at WPC10

    Some really interesting stuff has been announced here. You can read today’s full story here: These are some of the highlights for me: - Azure in your datacenter with the Windows Azure Appliance...
  • Blog Post: Start to Azure – Belgian ISV’s

    We have recently launched a program in Belgium called Start To Azure. The program is designed to help our Belgian ISV’s to put their applications on the Windows Azure platform. Basically we will help ISV’s assess the opportunity Windows Azure presents them after which we will invest in technical/architectural...
  • Blog Post: Office, Project, Visio and SharePoint Server 2010 products downloadable from MSDN

    What have I been doing the last 6 days to only start downloading now?
  • Blog Post: The Microsoft Innovation Center has a Call for Multi-Touch Projects

    If you are planning an interesting Multi Touch project (for instance with Microsoft Surface, Windows 7…) then check out this call for projects from the Microsoft Innovation Center ( ) in Mons. Contact me if you want more info and I will put you in contact with...
  • Blog Post: Develop Touch applications for Windows using Microsoft Surface controls

    Microsoft Surface Toolkit for Windows Touch Beta (NEW) This beta package includes the advanced Microsoft Surface controls, templates, and samples to easily create applications that are optimized for multi-touch interaction and that run on Windows Touch PCs. With the .NET Framework 4.0, Windows Presentation...
  • Blog Post: My Week in the Cloud (8)

    Sharing some bits that I found interesting during the last week while reading about cloud computing. Windows Azure Platform A nice collection of tools and learning resources listed by Wintellect:
  • Blog Post: Belgian eID integrated with ASP.NET applications

    A couple of weeks ago we had a Windows Identity Foundation workshop in Belgium delivered by Vittorio Bertocci . Frank Cornelis from FedICT was very quick to apply this knowledge and make it so you can now easily use the Belgian electronic ID cards with your ASP.NET applications. Here’s how: http://groups...
  • Blog Post: Get serious about the Windows Azure Platform – 6 week training!   Event Overview The “Microsoft Azure Self-paced Learning Course” is a free, interactive, self-paced, technical training course covering the Microsoft Azure platform – Windows Azure, SQL Azure and the Azure...
  • Blog Post: That ‘other’ mobile business at Microsoft

    We have heard a lot on Windows Phone 7 since February. Today, there’s another interesting announcement made about Microsoft mobile solution for industries. Up until now these two operating systems resided in different business groups at Microsoft. The Windows Embedded Business (WEB) has overseen Windows...
  • Blog Post: IHI Shines Silverlight on Healthcare Improvement

    I’m repeating this post for some our Belgian ISV’s in the Healthcare vertical. Hear about the requirements and the architecture of this app in the video. Or check out the case study you can read. All is referenced in this blog post:
  • Blog Post: My Week in the Cloud (4)

    Sharing some bits that I found interesting during the last week while reading about cloud computing.   Windows Azure Platform I really enjoyed reading the Socratic Dialectic in the RDBMS vs NoSQL post on ‘the codeface’ blog. SUPER stuff!!!
  • Blog Post: Develop For Windows Some cool sample applications can be found on this site that will most certainly help a lot with getting started. Also tookits are downloadable from this page! Do you want to access, manage and interact with your Facebook account quickly and directly from your desktop...
  • Blog Post: A taskbar is a man’s best friend (feb 2010)

    Like a monthly mugshot of my PC.
  • Blog Post: Azure Partner Hub

    Partners, check out this Azure Partner Hub:
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone 7 Revealed

    Wow, it really does look like 7 might be Microsoft’s lucky number. Today’s announcement of Windows Phone 7 series is certainly greeted with a lot of positive sentiment. You can go hear to watch the press release: Also check out this site for...
  • Blog Post: HP Slate: The tablet I want

      I read Serge Jespers’ blog and was really happy to see he’s as excited about Windows 7 and the upcoming HP Slate device as I am. There really are some important characteristics being shared in this video. You can see it’s a full Windows 7 and even more importantly Phil McKinney shows he understands...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Generation 4 Data Centers
  • Blog Post: Beta Release of Windows Azure Drive

    Accessing a drive on Windows Azure using standard NTFS API’s? It is possible: Interesting is that it is actually a Windows Azure Page Blob in which a virtual hard drive formatted with NTFS is stored. The blog...
  • Blog Post: That white space in my inbox – have a nice weekend!

    :-) Got through my Inbox again. And guess what, when I click that whitespace, a new mail opens. But I’m not going to do that. I’m going to have a weekend! I hope you’ll have a nice one too.
  • Blog Post: Belgium Training 3 Feb: What is the partner opportunity with the Windows Azure Platform

      This might be interesting for you! Dear Partner, Cloud computing both Azure and BPOS are part of another major shift in the still young IT industry.  The objective of this session is to review the business value and the partner opportunity of Windows Azure™ Platform. The Windows Azure™ Platform...
  • Blog Post: 3 days left of Early Bird Discount for TechDays Belgium

    I’m still hearing quite a few people say they will join us but at the same time they still need to register. Benefit from the discount up to 120 euro if you register before the 31st of January. I hope that the speaker line up ( ) and the session...
  • Blog Post: Prepped Sharepoint 2010 and Office 2010 Virtual Machine available for download

    Here’s a great way to quickly get ready to try or demo Sharepoint and Office 2010. Download the VPC: Then install the training kits:
  • Blog Post: Free Cloud Computing e-book by Microsoft

    Just 13 pages so don’t expect more than a brief introduction into the topic. You can read it online here: If you want to download it, just press the print button and you can save it to a pdf file.   Enjoy. Hans
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio Myth Busting

    I love this application from the UK team. Very quickly you learn about some of the new features that will bust some of the myths around Visual Studio and the .NET Framework.
  • Blog Post: Free Azure Developer Lab at Microsoft Belgium office on January 28th Seats are limited so don’t hesitate!
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