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  • Blog Post: Gerd Debruycker blogs about Virtual Conferences and football marketing

    Gerd Debruycker is an event veteran at Microsoft. He has been driving many events succesfully amongst which Tech Ed and many others. Finally Gerd started to blog. He blogs about Virtual Conferences and about football marketing. He playes football with the best at the...
  • Blog Post: Tech Ed Developers: 3 more days for Early Bird Discount

    Nice promotional clip for Tech Ed Europe (Tech Ed Developer and Tech Ed IT Forum). How are those type of constructions called again? Video: TechEd Europe 2007 promotional video
  • Blog Post: WinFS lives on (in SQL Server 2008), .NET My Services not so much

    Years ago, I toured Europe and talked to about 10.000 people about the wonders of WINFS that was going to be released with Longhorn. As we know, WInFS got axed and it felt like I wasted around 750.000 man-minutes (it was a 75 minute talk). Today I was in a meeting to review the content for Tech Ed Developers...
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