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    Webcasts for aspiring architects

    A good friend of mine Mohammad Akif and Dave Remmer are doing the following webcasts targeting developers and dev leads who are trying take bigger responsibilities as architects: Architecture 101 (Mohammad, May 24) http://msevents.microsoft.com/cui/eventdetail...
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    Task and Entity Services in SOA

    I recently was asked a question on the difference between entity service and a task service and how they differ from the service consumer and the provider perspective. Here is my definition of a task service: "A task service encapsulates a business process...
  • Hanuk's Microsoft IoT Strategy Blog

    SaaS and SOA

    I have heard intense debates on SaaS and SOA with no winners at the end. Some argue that SaaS and SOA are the same and some try to convince others that SaaS is different from SOA. I am one of the guilty parties who participated in the above debates one...
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