Windows Azure Migration Assessment Tool (MAT)

Windows Azure Migration Assessment Tool (MAT)

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I was impressed with the MAT tool that encapsulates all the information one has to be aware of, before attempting the application migration to Windows Azure platform. The tool addresses migration considerations including app server, database, integration, security and instrumentation for .NET as well as non .NET platforms like Java and PHP.  After answering a series of simple binary questions, the tool will generate a nice report which hints at the amount of work involved for the current application migration or the architecture considerations for a new application.

The MAT tool runs only on Windows as it is rich client application updated through ClickOnce technology. Initial tool download can be done from: .


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  • I need more information about this MAT and also want o know how to use this Tool.

  • Windows Azure migration assessment tool is very impressive. The technology of it is also very high .This is very important for migration.Thanks.

    For details about <a href=""> Migration assessment</a>

  • Hanuk, what happened to the download of MAT? I can't find it anymore!

    kind regards,

    Riccardo Becker

  • What happened to MAT tool. I not able to download the same

  • Please tell us about what's happened with this material, it is very usefull. Why is retired from the Microsoft Partner Network?

    It will be awesome if you can share it. Thank you.

  • Hi - Where can I download MAT from?

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