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  • Blog Post: Which Windows Azure Cloud Architecture? PaaS or IaaS ?

    Overview Those who have been associated with cloud computing for some time knows how to select a cloud deployment architecture. However, a few ISV partners our team works with consistently asks questions about the cloud architecture selection criteria and hence this post. It is really hard to decide...
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure Storage Pricing

    When I wrote Windows Azure Platform for Enterprises in MSDN magazine in February 2010, the Azure Storage monthly cost under the header Cost Oriented Architecture for the Cloud was erroneous. This was partly due to the lack of detailed understanding of the Storage pricing at that time. The following paragraph...
  • Blog Post: Check out my Windows Azure article in MSDN Magazine

    Windows Azure Platform for Enterprises: Excel based Azure pricing calculator (part of the article): -Hanu
  • Blog Post: Cost Oriented Architecture of Cloud Applications

    As I was speaking to a group of customers few days ago, one question kept coming back - the impact of the architecture decisions on the monthly charges. The operational expenses of an application deployed to Cloud can be significantly impacted by the architecture decisions. Typical Cloud storage costs...
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