and one large step for me...  Yup, I made it, I'm finally a blogger, I've watched the blogging activity happening around me at Microsoft with a lot of curosity, my main question being why the heck do they do it, and then today I saw the light. Earlier today, one of my co-workers (Bret) explained the core concept as I was complaining that we didn't do enough customer interaction on the SDK team (well, maybe I was just trying to get him to sign off on expensing a trip to Hawaii to interview our “customers” there - it didn't work in case you were wondering). So if you're a customer of any SDK welcome to my blog, and if you aren't, well welcome anyway.

So who the heck am I (wow, heck *is* a good substitute for other 4 letter words)... I'm Hari Sekhar, a program manager on the Windows and .NET Framework SDK teams. I've been at Microsoft for 6 years now and currently have two roles - on the .NET Framework side of my world, I play product manager, and on the Windows “Longhorn” SDK team I'm the user experience PM. Right now, we're really early in the SDK UX design (UX is a fancy term for user experience, saying UX saves me typing and makes me look *savvy*) and we're mostly drawing wild ideas on my whiteboard. I'll post some of the ideas we're playing with soon on this blog and if you can take some time to yell at me and tell me what you think, that'd be peachy (why is being “peachy” a good thing? personally I dont like peaches, so I don't get that expression)

So what can you expect to see on my blog? As I said above I'll try and keep you up to date with the latest SDK user experience ideas we're bouncing around, and I'll throw in my personal rants about everything in life for free, how can you say no to that? (well I can think of several ways, but please folks, this is a public website!)