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February, 2004

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    installing locally and refreshing content...

    Couple of thoughts on how a user would install content locally and how they could refresh content... For offline use, (or if your internet connection isn't as fast as you'd like), a user could choose to install an “SDK”... For example...
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    Does size matter...

    So we've been having some interesting hallway conversations ( someone should do a study on how hallway meetings are such a great alternative to doing real work ), and one of the things that came up was would it be OK if the Longhorn SDK came as one blob...
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    SDK Questions?

    Edit : Hmmm... I just realized that maybe my post wasn't clear... I can't answer API questions, or product questions. I can answer things like “Why you dont you have xyz sample here“ or “do you ship a tool that does this...“.....
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    User Feedback

    I finished Steve Krug's “Don't make me Think” yesterday. Most of his book makes a lot of sense, and I'm totally on board with him with regards to user testing. Historically the SDK viewer has very little user experience testing, mainly because...
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