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Windows Vista in Healthcare Web Cast: On-demand recording now available

Windows Vista in Healthcare Web Cast: On-demand recording now available

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If you didn't get an opportunity to join us for the live web cast on Windows Vista in Healthcare earlier this week, I'm pleased to let you know that we have an on-demand version of the program for your viewing pleasure.  Just click on the link.  During the web cast, Microsoft's senior healthcare technical strategist, Roberto Ruggeri, and I reviewed some of the primary value pillars for Windows Vista and why these are so significant to the healthcare industry and our partners who develop solutions for the industry.  Roberto did a fantastic job providing demos along the way.  I think you'll enjoy the program.  It's a great way to get a sneak preview of some of the really cool features, functions and tools you'll find in Windows Vista.  You might also want to review a short article I wrote on the topic.  Enjoy!

Bill Crounse, MD      Healthcare Industry Director       Microsoft Healthcare and Life Sciences


  • I've posted some shownotes at
  • Thanks Kevin.  For those wanting the "show notes", the correct link is:

    Bill Crounse, MD    Healthcare Industry Director   Microsoft Healthcare and Life Sciences

  • And which part of that generic presentation was meant for "healthcare" and not everybody else ????/

    Stopping shareing the generic presentation and show some real demos!!!!
  • Thanks for writing.  Our web cast on Windows Vista was done with the healthcare industry in mind.  As a physician and former VP CIO/CMIO, I selected to focus on features that I thought were especially relevant to the healthcare industry and to developers who design solutions for healthcare.  I'm sorry if you expected something else.  You'll be seeing plenty of healthcare-specific demos for Windows Vista and Office 2007 in the months ahead.

    Bill Crounse, MD
  • I've never used Windows Vista, but would love to see an actual demo how how it works.
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