Thoughts, comments, news, and reflections about healthcare IT from Microsoft's worldwide health senior director Bill Crounse, MD, on how information technology can improve healthcare delivery and services around the world.
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    GE Healthcare Pilots Microsoft Unified Communications

    The timely transfer of information between consulting radiologists and physicians on the front lines of care can mean the difference between life and death. In fact, high quality medical practice in every specialty is deeply dependant on appropriate communication...
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    Video Commentary: It's time to go fully digital in American healthcare

    My work at Microsoft takes me all over the world to visit hospitals, health systems, and clinics.  I also have the opportunity to meet with lots of physician leaders, health ministers, and industry luminaries from other countries.  In addition...
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    Picture This! Unified Communications in Healthcare

    If you search the term "unified communications" on this Blog, you'll see that it is a frequent topic.  I'm a huge proponent of the need for better tools to manage caregiver communication and collaboration in healthcare.  For way too...
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    Sex, Disease, Health and the Internet

    The headline may have brought you here, but please read on. Regular HealthBlog readers know I'm passionate about using information technology and the Internet to improve health around the world. There's never been a better tool to help us deliver health...
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    Partners and Developers: Improving health around the world

    For a change, I'm at my home office in Redmond this week. In fact, I'll be here the next few weeks before heading off to Europe again for a speaking engagement and some much needed vacation. My week started with a briefing for industry and government...
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    Extending care globally through commodity telehealth services

    Next month I travel to Luxembourg to deliver a keynote address at the annual Med-e-Tel conference. The conference focuses on ehealth and telemedicine applications as well as a wide range of other medical ICT applications. It also examines the convergence...
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March, 2008