Thoughts, comments, news, and reflections about healthcare IT from Microsoft's worldwide health senior director Bill Crounse, MD, on how information technology can improve healthcare delivery and services around the world.
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    A New Milestone for Healthcare On-Line

    How many times have you wanted advice from a doctor, but didn’t have time to drive somewhere to see one? How often has a medical question gone unanswered because finding a doctor to ask was just too much of a hassle? How frequently have you delayed medical...
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    Thinking Beyond the EMR. Why location, tracking and sensing technologies may provide a higher, faster rate of return.

    I’m in Los Angeles (Santa Monica) to speak at an event sponsored by Town Hall Los Angeles . The topic is healthcare reform. I’m sure there will be a lively debate with state and federal officials, representatives from the insurance industry, and provider...
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    Windows 7—A Healthy Choice

    Let me be perfectly honest.  At some level, an operating system is just an operating system.  Whether you hang out in the C-suite, in the IT department, on the ward, or in the operating room; you just want your computer to work.  Having...
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    Windows Mobile Medicine

    Liked. WTN on Window Mobile platform improves care quality, significantly lowers cost .  That might have been my tweet on Twitter .  But here on HealthBlog I have the luxury of sharing much more about this innovative approach for managing patients...
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