Thoughts, comments, news, and reflections about healthcare IT from Microsoft's worldwide health senior director Bill Crounse, MD, on how information technology can improve healthcare delivery and services around the world.
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    Why clinicians fear electronic medical records and what we can learn from Toyota and Disney

    Have you ever wondered why so many physicians resist going “electronic”?  Trust me, it is not because they fear technology.  It is not because doctors  and nurses are Luddites when it comes to using computers.  It is because they fear...
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    Needed: One Hell of a Training Program

    Perhaps a problem with writing a blog is that your message may be reaching entirely the wrong audience. One of my blogging colleagues, Barbara Duck of the Medical Quack , sent me an e-mail yesterday that illustrates my point. Barbara said; “With Health...
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    Windows 7 brings some cool touches to clinical computing

    With the launch of Windows 7 coming next week, I thought I would share an article that explores how Windows 7’s support for ‘touch’ will allow healthcare professionals to communicate better with patients and why I believe the operating system will help...
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    A billion dollars worth of care……

    This morning I had the pleasure of meeting with US state and local government officials at our executive briefing center in Redmond.  Although the briefing wasn’t confined to discussing information technology and healthcare alone, it should be no...
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    Aloha to Health ICT Past and Future

    This week I’ve been attending the 2009 Leadership Conference at the Grand Wailea on Maui.  On Tuesday morning I delivered a keynote address at this gathering of more than 300 health plan executives from the Western US.  The theme of this year...
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October, 2009