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December, 2008

  • HealthVault

    HealthVault PB9DT2 release

    The PB9DT2 release has been deployed to the production servers, and the associated SDK can be found in the usual place . The release contains the following new data types: A pregnancy data type. A genetic SNP results data type. Additionally, there are...
  • HealthVault

    HealthVault forum migrated to a new system...

    The HealthVault forum has been migrated to the new MSDN forum system, which has a number of improvements over the old system. Going to the old site will automatically send you to the new forum, or you can go to it directly .
  • HealthVault

    PPE Environment Server Maintenance - Dec 15, 2008

    Sorry for the short notice, we will have to perform server maintenance in our pre-production environment (PPE). There will be short downtime (less than 5 minutes) between 5 - 7pm PST on Monday - Dec 15 , 2008 (today). Please respond to this post in...
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