See the HealthVault Data Type Wiki for current information on using this type.

This document contains general guidelines for using the body composition data type. It does not cover all the information that is stored in the type – see the BodyComposition documentation for more information.

This types stores measurements of the record owner’s body composition, such as the percentage of fat, or the amount of muscle. The kinds of measurements can be found in the body-composition-measurement-names vocabulary (let us know if you would like to request additional entries in the vocabulary), and are coded using the MeasurementName property.

Each of these entries in the vocabulary defines the units that you will use to store the measurement – if you code “fat-percent”, you are storing the percentage of fat, while if you code “lean-mass”, you are storing a mass measurement of lean muscle.  Set the MassValue or PercentValue properties as appropriate for the value you are storing.

The MeasurementMethod property describes the technique that was used to measure the value. Setting this permits applications to make appropriate decisions.

Some techniques provide values that are specific to specific regions of the body. The Site property is used to specify what part of the body is being measured.