See the HealthVault Data Type Wiki for current information on using this type.

This document contains general guidelines for using the Health assessment data type. It does not cover all the information that is stored in the type – see the HealthAssessment member documentation for more information.

The health assessment type is used to contain the results of a health assessment. An assessment is a judgement typically based upon answers to questions, laboratory results, or other data in a HealthVault record. Examples include Heart attack risk, diabetes risk.

The name element is used to store the applications name for the assessment – something like “Fabrikam’s hair breakage assessment”.

Category is used to specify a general category for the assessment – in our example it would be “Hair breakage assessment”.  It is expected that it will be coded to a vocabulary so that other applications can understand what the assessment is measuring.

The result collection stores the results for the assessment. It can support assessments of different complexities.

For example, a heart attack risk assessment of low might be stored in the following result:

Result name: coded to “Heart attack Risk”
Result value: coded to “Low”

Some assessments are multi-valued. A heart attack risk might be quantified both as “low” and as “6% over the next ten years”. The value collection allows multiple values to be added:

Result name: coded to “Heart attack Risk”
Result value: coded to “Low”
Result value: coded to “6% over the next 10 years”

Some laboratory-based assessments may provide a set of high level assessments. These are encoded by using multiple results:

Result1 name: “Type 2 diabetes risk”
Result1 value: 15%

Result2 name: “Heart attack risk”
Result2 value: 3%

Result3 name: “Glaucoma risk”
Result3 value: 15%

In some cases, an overall assessment may be supported by several sub-assessments:

Result1 name: “Heart attack risk”
Result1 value: 16%

Result2 name: Total cholesterol risk factor
Result2 value: high
Group: Cholesterol factors

Result3 name: HDL (good cholesterol) risk factor
Result3 value: medium
Group: Cholesterol factors

Result4 name: Smoking risk factor
Result4 value: low
Group: Lifestyle

Applications should present results with the same group together, with an appropriate group label.