See the HealthVault Data Type Wiki for current information on using this type.

This document contains general guidelines for using the HeartRate data type. It does not cover all the information that is stored in the type – see the HeartRate documentation for more information.

In HealthVault, heart rate measurements can be recorded either using the HeartRate type or the VitalSigns type. The HeartRate type is appropriate in non-clinical scenarios when measured manually or by a device. When heart rate is measured as one of a set of measurements (typically in clinical situations, vital signs is a more appropriate data type).

Multiple heart rate measurements that are taken at specific intervals using a heart rate monitor should be stored as heart rate samples, using the AerobicSession type (soon to be replaced), or the ExerciseSamples data type (soon to be released).

The Value property is used to store the heart rate measurement.

The MeasurementMethod property is used to indicate the way that the heart rate was measured.

The MeasurementConditions propery is used to record conditions that are useful in interpreting the measurement.

The MeasurementFlags property is used to record interpretations made while the measurement was taken, error conditions, or quality-of-data information.