This type is intended to store the results of a genetic SNP test. If you want to know more about what a SNP is, I recommend reading the NCBI primer.

The data stored in this type is fairly simple – a small amount of metadata, and then a large list of results.

Element Type Occurrence Description
when approx-date-time 1 The date and time of the test
genome-build string 1 The genome build that defines the SNPs.
Example: NCBI Build 36.3
chromosone string 1 The chromosone on which the SNPs are located.
Examples: 1, 22, X, MT

The SNP results are stored in the other data portion of the instance, in comma-separated format. Each SNP is encoded as follows:

[refSNP id],[strand orientation],[result]


  • refSNP id: identifier from NCBI dbSNP database
  • strand orientation: "+" encodes top, "-" encodes bottom.
  • result: the result of the test



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