See the HealthVault Data Type Wiki for current information on using this type.

This document contains general guidelines for using the Immunization data type. It covers the members of the data type where we believe guidance is most useful, and does not cover members that are easily understood. See the Immunization class documentation for information about all members.

The Immunization type records the information that is related to an immunization.


The Name member stores information about the type of the immunization. The coded part of name should be coded directly to the HL7 CVX code set, as maintained by the CDC. This vocabulary is available from HealthVault with the name “vaccines-cvx” and the family “HL7”.  The version should be stored using "2.3_<month>_<year>”, with “2.3” indicating the HL7 section and the month and year listed on the CDC web page. For example, something coded to the July 30, 2009 code set would use “2.3_7_2009” as the version.

The HealthVault team will keep the vocabularies as up to date as possible, but applications should always code to the most recent release from the CDC if possible.

The display text of the name member is intended to be displayed to consumers. A coding application should consider using a more consumer-friendly name if the full vaccine name as defined in the code set might cause consumer confusion.


The coded part of manufacturer should be coded directly to the HL7 MVX code set, as maintained by the CDC. The associated HealthVault vocabulary has name “vaccine-manufacturers-mvx” and family “HL7”. The version follows the same rules as the CVX code set, but note that CVX and MVX are updated on separate schedules, so the version between them is typically different.