See the HealthVault Data Type Wiki for current information on using this type.

This document contains general guidelines for using the Cholesterol Profile data type. It covers the members of the data type where we believe guidance is most useful, and does not cover members that are easily understood. See the CholesterolProfile class documentation for information about all members.

The cholesterol profile data type stores cholesterol or lipid profile test results. The values are stored using the concentration by weight and the unit mg/dl. These concentrations can also be expressed by molecular count, using the unit mmol/l.

There are conversions between the two units but the conversion factor depends on the substance.

For cholesterol, 100 mg/dl = 2.586 mmol/l

For triglycerides, 100 mg/dl = 1.129 mmol/l

Cholesterol Profile and Lab Test Results

The cholesterol profile information can stored either in the cholesterol profile data type or as individual tests.

Applications that store this data in HealthVault should base the destination on the source of the data. Data that is hand-entered by a user should be stored using the Cholesterol Profile type, and data that is added directly from a lab test provider should be stored as individual lab tests.

Applications that consume this data should search for it in both types, and place appropriate levels of review on it based on the source of the data.