So aside from all the marketing talk, I'll try to share a little bit about myself , what I like and what inspires me. So you can see the person behind the blog. 

“Inspiration” has been a theme for me the past couple of days. I got an e-mail from my good friend Sunish Mehta. We worked together many years ago in California. We keep up with each others' lives and his has certainly taken an interesting and inspirational turn. After an impressive career in management consulting, Sunish fulfilled a lifetime wish to travel to Tibet in 2003. His website documents his travels, and the pictures are awesome. During this upcoming summer, Sunish will be working with 2 Ladakhi boys, Champhael and Singge. You can read more about the boys here. Champhael has recently undergone surgery for cleft palate condition. Singge is an abandoned 9 year old who needs help assimilating into society. I look forward to hearing more from Sunish regarding the boys' progress.

I'm on Keith Harrell's “Attitude Tune-Up” Newletter. Just got the latest one in my inbox this morning. I am not a big fan of inspirational speakers, but Keith is fantastic (or as he would say “super fantastic!”). He talks about the things we do to ourselves that keep us from having a great attitude and succeeding in life. I've seen Keith speak twice and have one of his CDs. If you ever need a little attitude tune-up or personal inspiration, he's the guy to check out.