OK, so it hasn't really been a week yet. It's been three days, but that is at least a week in Microsoft time. I've learned a lot this week...

**sometimes, if you think you are getting a headache from staring at your computer screen, you just need to loosen up your pony tail

**no matter how smart I think I am and how much I love the impact technology has on my life, I am not technical. Yeah, I said it...Microsoft hired me and I am not technical. That html class I took does not make me technical...at all

**wine in a box is just very, very bad

**blogs should not be pink

**Microsoft has a lot of very cool bloggers

Wish I could provide something a little more profound or thought provoking...some lines of code perhaps?

I'm off to enjoy a sunny weekend (no I am  not kidding...it's sunny!), play with my dog, Jonas and enjoy some time with friends. Have a great weekend!