Quick rant alert!!! I need to unload this...

In the online discussions I see regarding RSS (and frankly I've seen the same in discussions on other technology online), people refer to your/their “grandmother” or your/their “wife”  using it and needing to get it to the point to where it's easy enough for them to understand. People...this is a totally insulting stereotype! You have to stop it! Perhaps you could frame these thoughts differently, maybe refer to “novice users” or something similar (but not gender or age specific)?

I mean, think about what you are saying for a second. If you are developing a product, you most likely have female customers (who could be someone's wife or grandmother), who could be insulted by this. And just because someone doesn't code (and we know there are fewer women in tech than men), it does not mean that they are stupid (yep, read that sentence again...we are not stupid!).

End of rant.