I think about everything too much (no, I really do), especially marketing. If I had to think of a word to describe myself, it would be “analyzer” (not strong and outspoken as one of my co-workers recommends).

My commute to and from work is pretty short but I have whole drives home where I am so deep in thought about something, that I don't remember which route I've taken (and don't you Microsofties wish you knew the route so you could avoid it?). And it's usually not some issue of significance that gets me going. It's something small.

So here's an example. Do you ever go into a public wash room and notice that there are 2 separate soap dispensers next to a single sink? Obviously, one was installed with the washroom and was inferior enough that an additional dispenser was added (but, the first was not taken away because it would leave a hole in the wall or counter). It makes me wonder what the problem was with the first one or if soap dispenser technology has changed so significantly over time that the customer really required the newer dispenser. So I've found myself mentally developing a business plan for soap dispensing “systems” for newly constructed bathrooms that take advantage of the newer technology while not requiring an intrusive wall or counter top mount. OK. I should probably also tell you that I was in the Entrepreneur Program in college...so I have a bit of an excuse. I'm starting to think I should be using these thoughts for case study questions.

I'm sure some of you go off into weird thoughts like this too right (could you just tell me that you do so I feel better?)? I could be in the most non-work-focused location and be analyzing customer value propositions. I go to a local coffee shop (not Starbucks) and have given deep and serious thought to why I stand in line here versus getting a McLatte via drive through (My decision: having the baristas be so nice to me first thing in the morning starts my day off well...it's the part of their product that I am willing to go out of my way for). Actually I do a lot of that serious thinking while I am in line. For any locals, I go to Victors in Redmond, and if you haven't been yet, you should.

So you will all bear with me if I go off on some tangents about deep marketing thoughts I have developed while having my hair cut or my oil changed, right? You marketing pros out there are all doing the same thing...admit it.