I'll post on something work related later. When I get over a life changing event in my life that occurred this weekend..I got Tivo. When my friend Ann told me that she had it, I realized that “woman with Tivo” was not an oxymoron. Plus, Ann likes sports as much as I do (she's also into college football). So, I  decided that it was OK. And it would keep me from thinking about which reality show I was missing if I decided to step out for a glass of wine with friends. And the best part...no commercials!

The only thing that would have made it better is if it was hooked up before the NFL draft. I hung in there for about 4-5 hours before my dad came over to hook up the Tivo. And as a side note, let me just say that I thought the commentators covering the draft on ESPN were a little too kind to Eli Manning after the way he behaved (OK, it sounds funny to say “way he behaved” when talking about a football player, but drafts and award ceremonies are when football players need to leave their on-field ego behind). It will also be interesting to see if, given the Clarett ruling, Mike Williams will be allowed to enter a supplemental draft or if his NCAA eligibility will be reinstated. Anyhoo...I digress. I'm going to try to resist the urge to blog too much on football come fall.

So the Tivo thing was pretty darn exciting. And I may have to gush over it more in the future and all you high-tech early adopters can roll your eyes and laugh at me. ; ) I wouldn't want you to think that all Microsoft employees are super technical!

Other than that just barbecued with some friends and drank some margaritas in the beautiful sunshine. And that is all it really takes to make me happy.