Not blogging as much as usual as I have a couple big projects going on right now. First, preparing for the trip down to the valley. My fellow-recruiter, Holly is coming with me and will be interviewing people as well. Holly fills marketing positions in our server and tools business. So she'll probably focus more on candidates on the server side and I'll be working with people in the business aps, consumer, desktop space as well as others we think could be a fit. I have received a number of great resumes and should be able to confirm some interview times tomorrow. I am receiving lots of resumes outside the marketing space, so don't take it too personally if you submitted your resume and we aren't able to meet you (I'll e-mail you back either way though...promise). Any resumes sent to me that don't fit our marketing profiles will still be routed to appropriate recruiters. The interviews will probably be about a half hour in length. We've got some offices lined up in our Mountain View location to use for the interviews. If we do meet with you, please do not feel like you need to dress up!

My second project  is a volume recruiting project for one of our business units: Windows Client. They have quite a number of product manager openings...all different flavors of product management but they hire some pretty consistent profiles. We've engaged an outside consulting firm to help us jump start some candidate generation and I am really encouraged by the professionalism and intelligence of the vendor we selected. I might even tell you who they are down the road ; )

I've got other projects going on as well, but those are the 2 that are popping right now.  Things are going really well with my new team and manager (and I don't mean that in an Eddie Haskell kind of way). I love my Tivo, just got some great new backyard landscaping, my dog is being a good boy and it's sunny out. Wish I had more time to blog, but other than that...just can't complain. 

Next week, I'll definitely update you on my trip. Since we'll be in the Valley for Cinco de Mayo (which is my second favorite holiday after St. Patrick's Day...think I like beer or what?), let me know if you have any Mexican restaurant/cantina recommendations for me in the area.

Buenos Noches!


PS: read more about the Silicon Valley Product Managers Association here