So lots of time spent discussing the value of social networking software. I'm not a big user, as you know, of the connection features, but do use these tools as leads databases. And I am often challenged by the number of people that I don't know that want to connect with me (although this has helped me in my ongoing quest for popularity and my campaign for senior class president).

If you are reading this and thinking of connecting with me, but you have never met me...go ahead and send me an e-mail instead, please:

So here's my question to you...if you want to create a social network, could you not do it through your blog? Could the people that you know not link to your blog? That way, you could provide a real and visible endorsement. It's searchable by Google... are we just making networking too difficult? And if you could use your blog, how would you do it? What would signify endorsement? What info is good to supply and what is off limits? Isn't the web it's own social networking tool?