I read about the new service called didtheyreadit.com that lets you know not only whether the receiver read your e-mail, but how long they looked at it and whether they forwarded it. Count me among the people “freaked out” by this and I only hope that technology exists that can block this kind of activity.

I've got to say that when someone sends me an e-mail with a read receipt, I click on the “no” button just on principal alone. I'm not going to say that it suggests the sender is paranoid that you will delete the mail without reading it, but at the very least it says they don't necessarily trust you to read it or read it in a timely manner. If you don't know me well enough to trust me to read your mail, is it spam?

 Look, if you sent me a mail and it shows up in your sent items, then I got it. No need to check, no need to find out when I looked at it. I really feel like my mail viewing habits are my personal business. The article goes on to say that job seekers could use it to find out if their resume was reviewed (frankly the amount of time spent viewing your resume in an e-mail says little to nothing about your chances of being considered for a position). Do you think we just delete all the resumes we get? Is this company just marketing paranoia?