People have been asking about Resume Blogs and the hazards of putting one up when you already have a job you'd like to keep...unless your dream job comes along. Actually, this applies to resumes stored on any blog. I'm not sure I have a simple answer and wanted to throw it out to all of you for opinions and ideas. Some people say that if their employer has a problem with them having a resume blog, it's just their employers problem.

I was also asked if I would do anything as a recruiter, if I saw the resume of someone from Microsoft. My answer is “no”, unless I could coach the person (try to get them to stay, look at other jobs internally, resolve a situation that is making them think of leaving). I would not contact that persons manager or HR contact...but that is just me. I'm sure all recruiters are not like that.

So what do you do if you want to hang your shingle out but still hold on to the position you have. Here are some of my ideas:

1) post a resume blog, but don't use your full first and last name. Set up a hotmail account as the contact e-mail. This could work if the content of your resume doesn't give you away.

2) Get involved in discussion groups and when you post something, create a link back to a “bio” you've placed in a resume blog (you'll notice that many of these are bio form which may look less concerning to your current employer than a full on resume). Be open with your current employer that you are doing this so it doesn't look like you are hiding anything.

3) Figure out how having your credentials online benefits you  in your current role. Again, be open with your employer that you are putting your info out there.

4) If your recruiter at your current company finds it, tell them that you are just trying to benchmark compensation in the industry and that each time a recruiter calls you about a position, you'll get details on the role and the compensation and share it with them so they can use it for their own competitive intelligence. If your staffing department is hiring, get them the names of the recruiters that are calling you too.

Some of these aren't ideal situations but just some ideas. Maybe some of the resume bloggers can weigh in here with their experiences.