Some of the positive comments I've received about my blog have to do with showing the “human side” of Microsoft and our recruiting process. And I realize that part of that is because I've blogged on some kind of personal stuff (nothing too crazy, but stuff that's not really work related). I'm having to force myself to become more comfortable with posting personal entries. I'm not going to say that I am shy because the people that know me will just laugh. But in social situations, I have to feel comfortable before I open up. And with blogging, because you don't get to look your reader in the eye, it's hard to establish the same comfort level.

Plus with the personal stuff, it's harder to take random criticism from someone that doesn't know you. I have a pretty thick skin most of the time (ask Gretchen), but bristle a little at throw-away comments made by people that don't know me. I'm not afraid to fight my battles, but am not a fan of them. It's a personal thing but I am getting there.

So when you are a corporate blogger specifically, what is the desired ratio of personal stuff to professional stuff? I hear people complain (I feel a rant about complaining coming on later...I am just warning you...oh, someone help me) about bloggers that focus too much on the personal without providing any substance and I  totally get it (and I differentiate between personal blogging and corporate blogging). But how much of the personal stuff is OK without totally putting people off, when you are a corporate blogger?