In September, I am speaking at the ERE (Electronic Recruiting Exchange) Expo. Here's my session topic:

Blogging for Talent – Community Building on the Internet

Heather Hamilton
Senior Recruiter, Marketing Talent Acquisition

General talent sourcing is not enough today as candidates grow increasingly selective in their career choices. Learn how new Internet trends, like blogging and social networking along with other sourcing techniques, can connect you to a wider community of candidates and extend your employment brand in new and powerful ways.

I am going to have to start building my slides soon and I thought I would do some googling for recruiting blogs to see how other people are using their blogs (to attract candidates, offer advice, etc.). I've only linked to a small handful and figured I had to be missing quite a few...but I just can't find them.

We aren't that cutting edge, are we? Am I going to have to walk into a room full of recruiters and explain what a blog is from scratch? Anyone reading any other recruiting blogs out there?