I have a basket in my office that I dump articles, business magazines, long e-mails into. I don't want my desk to get all cluttered up with stuff and there doesn't seem to be an obvious time to tackle the reading I need to do. Once or twice, I've grabbed the basket, curled up on my LoveSac (I've been blessed with great office space) and worked my way through it. But now the basket is starting to get unmanageable.

In my role, I really need to be up to date in what is going on in the business world, in marketing, in high tech, in staffing. So the reading is important, but always seems to be the last thing on my list.

Before I ask the question, let me say this:

#1: I'm pretty good about getting to most of my online reading quickly. I print out longer articles and mails and that's not likely to change. Those are the ones that go into the basket.

#2: I'm not going to take it home with me (unless it's a work from home day). I'm all for staying late at work when I need to in order to get stuff done. But it's important to me to create a separation between my work and my home life.

#3: It's too big of a pile to take on a plane with me...I've already thought about that.

What should I do? How do you make time for reading if it's part of your job?