I was in building 112 yesterday and experienced the new soda dispensers. Yes siree the soda is still free free free! It looks like a regular pop machine (oops, my midwesterness just took over there), except where the price would normally be it says "free". I'm OK with only getting one can at a time and I think the machines are cleaner and prettier (I'm into aesthetics, what can I say?) than the existing cooler cases (there was still one cooler case with Talking Rain next to the 2 machines).

But be warned, the machine shakes up the soda a bit, so be careful opening that can.

By the way, there's a new grapefruit flavor of Talking Rain in my building. I can't believe this is blog-worthy but I guess there are enough people out there talking about our free soda. Grapefruit Talking Rain has Splenda and it's yummy.