Andrew Coates blogs about words that are over-used at Microsoft. I guess I do know what he is talking about. One of my beloved co-workers starts most sentences with "Hey!", but I'm not telling who it is ; )

I've taken to using the non-word "anyhoo" a little too much, but I think that is blog specific.

Let me see...more MS verbiage...

jazzed ...have you ever heard anyone anywhere else use that word? I haven't?

synch-up, synch back, etc....lots of synching going on here

sched plus, S+, sked plus...we mean send a meeting request (refers to an old feature name in outlook)

planful...yes I am serious...I think I may have used it myself once or twice...I like it

value-add, added-value...reminds me of super-sizing your order at McDs.

Oh yes, I used the word "coopetition" last week. And I am very fond of those little quotation mark things you do with your fingers but more in a funny way than an obnoxious way (I hope).

I'm sure there's some sociology study that shows that people that form a community develop their own language (like twins). I know that we aren't that rare.

 Anyhoo...more words?