I recently noticed something in the vending machine that really disturbed me in a major way. It's a bag of pork rinds with a packet of hot sauce inside (as if pork rinds themselves aren't nasty enough). I swear I am dry heaving just thinking about it and I need to know if it's just me.

Keep in mind that this is the Pacific Northwest and we eat healthier than most of the rest of the country (yes I like soy and veggies and brown rice, no I am not a vegetarian). I'm trying to come up with some theories as to why, oh, why these little blobs of sizzly fat have shown up in the otherwise average vending machine of building 19.

1) Our vending machine is trying to re brand itself as the automated 7 Eleven. Next there will be Slim Jims, Lotto tickets and magazines in brown paper wrappers. There will be some questionable character standing in front of you trying to buy something he doesn't want you to see, and a pack of Salems.

2) The Republican party has taken over the distribution of snack foods to the nation. The senior George Bush loves those pork rinds. Every time you pass the vending machine you get a warm feeling about him. Subliminal political advertising.

3) "The Other White Meat" campaign didn't work too well. Next campaign is "eat this...we can't tell you what part of the pig it came from, but it comes with hot sauce"

I'm just very disturbed. Microsofties...is it just building 19? Others, any other weird vending machine selections?