Yikes! (Read her blog here). I'm not sure what she said that was against some Friendster policy, but nobody wants to see this happen to a fellow blogger. And hey, could they have reprimanded her first? Warned her? Or is she supposed to be an example?

At this point, doesn't the firing do more harm than good? Isn't Friendster about reaching out to others via the 'NET? Or does this just show a lack of understanding of blogging by Friendster? Like the fact that her firing is going to make the news big-time. That blogs are viral and about a bazillion people are reading about it right now.

I've posted in the past about how everything you do in public is marketing. At the very least, I'd say that this is not good marketing.

I could be totally paranoid and tell you to read my disclaimer here ; ) (ah, it probably doesn't hurt to throw that in now and then, does it?).

Anyway, it's clear to me that many, if not most, companies do not understand blogging. Which makes me glad I am where I am. Where transparency is considered an asset not a threat.