Today I am breaking one of my own rules and blogging on the weekend. Actually, I guess I am breaking the rule about working on the weekends. I got early access to our newly upgraded system for staffing here. I need to be in there setting stuff up so that when the recruiters come in on Tuesday, there are lots of reviewed resumes awaiting them. This is OK, because USC is not playing today. I'm missing some other games I guess, but I'll check out a little Sports Center action tonight.

Well, I just got booted from the system while they do some technical thing that I don't understand. I stopped asking questions about how the technical stuff really works, because if you ask, they will actually tell you and I was just being polite ; ) I'm proof that you don't have to be hand-on technical to work here!  

So while I am waiting to get back in, I've cleaned off my desk, eaten a bag of Sun Chips and cleaned out my inbox. Once I buy a new modem for my home PC, I'll probably start blogging on the weekends a little bit more. Especially once college football season is over and I have more time (Saturdays are for football!)