And this probably explains the clock ticking sound in my head. Someone asked me how far I was into my 15 minutes. What the heck! The attention is flattering but that's not what I am here for. Describing blogging as a "calling" might be a little heavy handed, but let's just say that I'm inspired to do this by the opportunity to impact 1) peoples' lives when making a very personal decision and 2) peoples' understanding of marketing at Microsoft and just Microsoft in general. Plus it's fun. I love the fact that we can have a conversation here, trade idea and nobody cares that I am having a bad hair day!

Anyhoo, if you subscribe to the WSJ, here's the article: Blogs Catch On as Online Tool For Job Seekers and Recruiters

Special thanks to Gerry and Mark! It's great to have "idea sponsors" outside of your company. I'll have to blog on that later.

Update:live  link to article