Weird, weird morning. I never look forward to my annual physical, but after mine this AM, I guess I felt a little fortunate to be healthy. Plus with all the political talk and thinking I've done about those less fortunate in this world, there's not a lot I have to complain about (I'm trying to keep my political diatribes off my blog...but if you see my Rav4 driving around here, my opinion is clear).

So when I exited off the freeway on my trip from the doctor's office to Starbucks before coming in to work, I saw a homeless man with a sign. I am not someone who always gives to homeless people, but feeling particularly fortunate today, I reached in my wallet and gave this guy some green stuff. And I felt even better about it...they guy was clearly excited and I didn't have to avoid eye contact with him as I waited for the light.

Well, I felt great until the guy on the motorcycle behind me hit my car and then sped off (literally while I was reaching out my window). It happened so fast, I didn't catch his license number. And that is the definition of ironic (trust me, it's not a black fly in your Chardonnay...that's a bummer, but not irony).

Sometimes life just jerks you around I guess. I hope the guy on the motorcycle feels great about me having to pay a $300 deductible to get my car fixed. I have a special name for him in my head. I hope I see him again so I can share it ; )