OK, I am sorry for any and everyone that comes into contact with me today (I might even be sorry for people reading this right now...soapbox alert), because I am going to ask each one of you whether you voted. I went this morning..first thing and I have to say that it was actually empowering. I'm not much of a "rah! rah!" person (OK, I have my candidate's name painted on the back window of my car, but other than that...) but I feel fantastic and there was definitely a sense of empowerment and excitement at my polling place.

For the purpose of full disclosure and unburdening myself, I have to tell you that I did not vote in last election. It wasn't so much that I was undecided as I was a little ticked off and disenchanted. I wasn't too lazy, I didn't care about the weather, I wasn't too busy at work. I had actually voted in the primaries but couldn't bring myself to vote in the Presidential election. I totally regret that decision. And I have thought about it a lot. By not deciding, I decided to let other people pick for me...that is so unlike me and I'll never let that happen again. That is my public promise.

I heard Tucker Carlson justifying an individual's decision not to vote on TV. He basically said that your vote is your endorsement and if you cannot endorse either candidate you should not vote. That was how I felt 4 years ago, but I realize now that I was wrong and so is Tucker (we won't even talk about the bow tie...his, not mine). It's just not that simple. What he doesn't mention and what I didn't consider is the responsibility we each hold as citizens of a country with a representative government.  I don't take for granted the freedoms that have been afforded us here, but there is a price to pay for that freedom. The price is your participation (we are getting off easy considering the price others have had to pay, right?). If you find that you are having trouble deciding between the candidates, do more research. Figure out what you have to do to get to a decision. I get that now. Luckily, picking a candidate this year was easy, easy, easy for me. I'm just saying.

OK, thanks for reading this if you made it through. I just had to share. Go vote!