I'm not a big fan of platitudes. Really. Maybe I'm not an "out-of-the-box" thinker (hee!). Anyhoo, the person that said you don't know what you've got until it's gone (or, "you don't LOVE what you've got until it's gone" as Chicago said...yeah I'm a child of the 70s...whatever) had it right...but I don't necessarily think they were talking about my hard drive.

Yeah, my hard drive died last week. It was still under warranty but that is beside the point, really. Because what I miss wasn't the little square technology thing that some tech person put into my laptop (do I need to remind you that I am not technical? I'm kind of joking, but seriously, I could not identify my hard drive...or any hard drive...in a line-up...if people were arresting hard drives for things like not working!), it was all of my personal files.

Data recovery was able to get them back, according to the mail I just got from our tech support folks, and I just got my computer (with a new hard drive) back about a half hour ago.  I know all you tech folks out there are going to tell me to back-up my files...I know, I know and I'll do it. If I could think of some platitude about how the time to do something is before it's needed, I would insert it here. But I'm out.