On my way in to work this morning, I passed a public bus with one of those big advertisements on the side. You know, the kind that, if you were to really read all of it, would cause you to surely endanger those around you. Well in the interest of safety, I just glimpsed quickly at the sign. And imagine my surprise when I realized, as the bright yellow sign said, that the very jeans I was wearing represent the rock and roll lifestyle! Yeah, I went to End Fest...what can I say...I'm all about the rock and roll. OK, seriously...I cannot remember the last time I felt "rock and roll" (I'm not 100% sure I know what that means anyway).

I thought back to when I worked in Chicago and put on my preppy loafers, flat-front khakis and top every day, slung my laptop over my shoulder and hopped on the stinky blue line. Wasn't I smartly dressed and professional? And not a hint of rock and roll. Frankly, back then, all I felt was my age (and I was hardly even 30!). And I felt a little bit like I was playing a part. Cool loft apartment, job in Chicago high-rise, "vintage" BMW.

So here I am today sitting in my office blogging (yeah, check me out! check me out!) wearing rock and roll pants. What do you think about that? I'm starting to think that Microsoft has something to do with it. I've come up with a few quick facts that I think may prove that Microsoft has stopped the aging process:

1) No *official* dress code. If you want to wear rock and roll jeans that are sold in the juniors department and you haven't technically been a junior in almost two decades, don't worry about it. Concert t-shirts, shorts, tie-dye, whatever! (Me, I just stick with the jeans...).

2) The relatively humid Washington environment and lack of scorching sunlight...both very good for the skin.

3) The Pacific Northwest is home to lots of wineries. Red wine contains anti-oxidants or something that is good for your skin. Drink it, don't wear it.

4) Lots of grocery stores that sell organic stuff, soy stuff, natural stuff. I've learned that I actually like tofu and that soy coffee creamer is yummy. Lots of access to *real* food too. All very good for you.

5) Flexible work hours. Feel free to get that extra beauty sleep sometimes. Just come to work when you are ready.

6) Lots of new college grads working here that are willing to "guess your age" and insist that they think you are in your 20s. Aren't they sweet!

I can't wait to tell all my friends in Chicago how cool I've become. Dude, I am so rock and roll!