Aside from adjusting to my normal routine after my trip to New York, I am just getting over a nasty cold. Yeah, last Thursday, I was giving thanks for Tylenol Sinus and Gatorade. Some people can blog when they are sick (let's just say they are sick sick people...hee!)...I can't.

Anyway, now I am recovering and I'll stop telling people that I *never* get sick. It's only every few years (now that I moved to Washington....used to get sick all the time in Chicago). Anyway, 4 whole days on the couch has motivated me to start exercising again...soon, when I can breathe normally.

And I am back to blogging. I've got some stuff I need to post.  Planning on giving more info about different kinds of business development roles here. That's one area that I think people find confusing at Microsoft (and rightly so). Also, some thoughts on job searching during the holidays (should you do it or not?). More to come soon.