Interesting tactic that could be good for recruiting/retention. I assume that many of their employees and/or recruiting targets are pretty environmentally focused (we've got a pretty environmentally aware group of employees here as well...some day, I'll tell you about the environmental work I did in college).

Anyway, for publicly traded companies, a move like this has to equate to some business value...retention, recruiting, goodwill. Otherwise you gotta deal with the shareholders. Just like any other employee benefit. I would assume that their shareholders approved this and I'll be really interested to see follow-up on this. I expect to see their PR team market the heck out of this. Wonder if they thought about whether bloggers would pick up on it.

In case you are going to ask whether Microsoft does something like this, we give employees bus passes and a new transit center just went up right across the street from campus.

I'd be interested in hearing from some Hyperion employees about what they know about the program and how many people are taking advantage of it.