Office moves at Microsoft may qualify as the corporate version of urban legends. Kind of like the free soda, and the weird stuff we do to people on their anniversary. When I started at Microsoft, I was told to expect an office move about once a year. I know someone who claimed to be in the same office for the longest period of time (I think it was 5 or 7 years...and it's possible that record has been broken since).

We add new buildings to our campus (some through construction, some we acquire, some we rent), group structures change, teams are joined, etc., etc. Lots of reasons for office moves.

My history of office moves at Microsoft has been pretty typical. When I started in the sumer of 99, I was in building 18 (not a recruiting building), sitting with my clients. Within about 6 months, a window office became available and it was my choice to move (I like to see the sun both months that it's out...OK just was actually out joke). Then our team moved downstairs in the same building. Must have been there about 9 months.

Then we moved to building 22 (also not a recruiting building). Slightly off campus. Had just one office over there. Then I was asked to cover for someone's maternity leave and moved to building 19 (the recruiting building), downstairs. Then when we created our central sourcing organization, I moved upstairs to the largest office I've had so far....with really big windows (just lucky I guess). Now I am moving again, to building 100.

Yes folks, that's 7 offices in 5.5 years. That's just kind of how it is. I actually like to purge files, get organized and make a fresh start. We have movers who do the physical part of the move (you have to pack your boxes, they move boxes and all your computer equipment, set it up, etc...they will even move your refrigerator). I actually painted a few of my offices (those would be offices number 3 and 4). Now I think I am over it. Although I am cursing myself for accumulating so much stuff (I've packed 11 boxes so far).

It's kind of nice to get a change of scenery now and then anyway. My new office is smaller but I'll be sitting with my team and the building is right off the freeway. I'm looking forward to settling in....again.