Unfortunately, someone has found it necessary to prove that sucking up to recruiters works (via Gerry here). Who are these recruiters and where are their BS detectors (sorry to be so crass...this just ticks me off)?

I mean, seriously...who ARE these recruiters? I hope this doesn't get out (well, kind of too late, but I hope it doesn't get worse)

So you (resume in hand) meet a recruiter from your company of choice...what do you do? Ingratiate or self-promote? Um, how about neither? Here's the big story. If you want the job, just BE GOOD.

My interactions with candidates are not ego building exercises...not for myself, not for the candidate (they can try but it won't work). If they want to have a professional exchange about their qualifications relative to our hiring needs, that is fantastic. No subversive tactics necessary.

I'm just saying.