Are ya kidding me? Like, you just have to take it with you right? You can't wait until you get home to look at it? Like driving needs to be any less safe. Yeah, and taking public transportation has now become infinitely more enjoyable for the rest of us. When will mobile phones have stun gun capabilities? How long before someone gets fired for looking at their cell phone at work?

I'm all about free speech (etc. etc.), but I'm also about good taste (which makes this just my opinion, in case that isn't have the right to your free speech and I have the right to make fun of you...and vice versa...I'm just saying). Let's just say that if I actually catch you with this content on your cell phone, I will make fun of you until the end of time and I'll tell all my friends (that kind of content should be *private* anyway, but then, why again do you need it on your mobile device?). That kind of stuff is for at home.

Again...who are these people?