This question is unofficially raised this time of year. Despite the fact that you are going to wait until the last minute before implementing that new years' resolution, should you even bother starting your job search during the holidays.

Actually, you can use this time to your benefit. You have time off to work on your resume. You correspond with your network via parties and cards. Many companies' fiscal years are drawing to close and you could be getting a sense of funding that may or may not impact your project/group/role. There are articles out there that talk about searching during the holidays...

here on Yahoo!

here on

here from Lee Hecht Harrison (major outplacement firm)

here from Drake Beam Morin (another major outplacement firm)

December is a quiet time for us in recruiting here at Microsoft. Many folks take time off (like the whole month). Because recruiters spend at least part of the month in the office, you have a good chance of getting their attention (they are less likely to be distracted with hiring manager demands). This is fiscal mid-year for us, so we aren't experiencing the rush to fill the final remaining positions at this time. Mid January things will start to heat up for us here.

My tips for holiday job seeking:

1) use this quiet time to take stock and update your resume

2) set up your online job search strategy

3) network

4) make contact with recruiters from your top companies